5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep & Health

5 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep & Health

1/3rd of ones’ life, this is how much of a time a person spends sleeping, and yet what all still forget to notice is preparing the bedroom with the right mattress. Definitely, all realize the presence of comfy mattress importance and the same can be proved through the National Sleep Foundation 2011 poll, where 92% of the people associated a good night’s sleep with the comfortable mattress. So, considering the same, putting a price tag on good sleep, well, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Just imagine the amounts of benefits it comes with, i.e., better memory, long life, and alike. But for a wrong mattress, it will just bring back pain or crick in the neck.

Having the right mattress is surely helpful and herein discussed below are the 5 ways the mattress affects sleep and health.


Helps zap up the stress

As per a small study conducted in 2009 with 59 people with their regular mattresses for 28 consecutive nights and then with medium-fir mattresses for another 28 consecutive nights, the new beds were said to have resulted in a significant stress decrease. The reason behind it was considered as better sleep quality and decreased pain as the set-up was quite firm.

Note: Herein factors considered were worries, nervousness, headaches, racing thoughts, headaches, and alike.


Reduces allergy (Mattress-caused)

Dust mites consider the bed their home, and these microscopic creatures clearly feed on cells of dead skin, which one sheds naturally, and the same can be easily found on the bed. As per the reports presented by WebMD, around 20 million Americans, they are bugger allergic. CNN has further reported that these are highly problematic to the people who have asthma.

With frequent sheets and pillowcases being washed using hot water, it can truly help one get rid of the dust mites from linens. One can even use the vacuum for cleaning the mattress, said Better Sleep Council, to have dust mite free sleep.


Subjective label- Medium-Firm

One can never get a standard definition for what exactly makes the mattress soft and firm. The same mattress can be soft for a 250-pound person, but for a 125-pound person, it might be firm. Well, the words are true, and there also exists a little evidence for proving that a firm mattress might be better than a soft one. one must look out for their comfort, and spending 20 minutes at least as a part of mattress test-driving before purchase would be helpful.


Get a new mattress with signs of Tossing/Turning

Any hole in the mattress through which the spring sticks out is quite a sign for mattress replacement. So, if one is having any trouble sleeping well at home, i.e., the usual they should sleep, guess it is time for some investment, especially for a better sleep of a person trying to find a home away from home.


Keep up by using the mattress as a Home office

Sleep and sex are the two things for which a bedroom is meant to be used, say the experts. If this isn’t the situation, assuredly, the brain would answer the work emails even after hitting the hay, and this would definitely make sleep difficult. Remember, there is no connection of the electronics to the mattress, and the blue light emitted through it, the same is disruptive for the brain. It disturbs the natural mechanism of bedtime and keeps one awake for longer. So, decide what you want today and have a comfy night.


Best Mattress for Back Pain in India (Orthopaedic Mattress)

Best Mattress for Back Pain in India (Orthopaedic Mattress)

Backpain, it is one of the worst side effects of sleeping on the wrong mattress. If the mattress is unable to provide proper support this, in turn, would contribute towards muscle strains or a poor posture or the wrong spine alignment. It is therefore suggested that one should get a mattress that doesn’t let them compromise with the coziness or comfort and one must ensure to choose a mattress which helps keep the spine straight, helps reduce the back pain and also ensures one to rejuvenate.

Today in the market, there is an availability of innumerable choices and without proper knowledge, it would be very difficult to choose one. so, consider the following reviewed mattresses which are orthopaedic, before looking out for anything else.

Best Mattresses for Back Pain in India

Based on quality, neck and spine support, insulation, padding and much more, the below-mentioned is a list of fine mattresses for one to choose from.

SleepX Ortho Memory foam mattress- Sleepwell

Composed with bonded memory foam of quality, this Orthopaedic mattress is good for back pain and provides better ortho-care. One can start to use it immediately, as the product gets delivered in a pre-assembled state.


  • Dimension- 198.12cm(L) X 152.4cm(W) X 15.24cm(H)
  • Colour- Purple
  • Fabric- Premium quality
  • Firmness- Ensured with 80mm Flexi rebounded core and the 25mm Visco rebounded core
  • Spine Support- Supports pressure points for providing a backpain relief (long-lasting)
  • Weight- 24.7kg
  • Thickness- 8mm PU foam along with 15mm memory foam material
  • Shape- Rectangle

SleepyCat Latex 7-inch 100% Organic Latex Orthopaedic Mattress

Designed for comfort and support to back pain, the mattress by SleepyCat is one best choice to get. It provides optimal support at the pressure points and ensures the sleep to be comfortable, overnight.

The mattress comes with a smart removable zipper cover for the users and a base surface which is anti-skid. The mattress is built up with base foam of 5-inch high-density and natural latex foam of 2-inch. All of this provides body support by maintaining perfect balance.


  • Mattress type- Orthopaedic mattress designed for preventing motion transfer
  • Latex- Organic latex with Hypoallergic and anti-microbial qualities providing optimum cooling and body support.
  • Dimension- 71inch(L) X 71inch(W) X 7inch(H)
  • Size- King-sized
  • Inner cover- Breezy and prevents foam layers and allows adequate airflow which is long-lasting
  • Support-Spine position alignment and organic latex infusion with 7-zone support
  • Chemicals- No harmful chemicals
  • Cover- GSM knitted fabric
  • Base surface- Anti-skid
  • Inner cover- Removable and washable

Duroflex Black Magic- 5-Zoned orthopaedic coir mattress

It is one of the best mattresses that provide a break-free sleep. It has been crafted with the supportive layers which are helpful for orthopaedic situations. It also supports the pressure relief points at bodies 5-zones including lower leg & ankle, shoulder & upper back, upper leg & knee, head & neck and the lower back & the hip.

The mattress has 7-customized layers ensuring to provide effective back support. This durable mattress also offers the body a natural ventilation and optimum pressure relief. All of the layers herein are infused with the knitted fabric (PU foam, rebonded foam, high-density coir and the jacquard weave fabric materials).


  • Infusion- Rubberized coir of top-quality
  • Support- Best for back support and comes with the 5-zone orthopaedic support
  • Temperature regulation- Provides better control with heat absorption technology
  • Experience- Good for the well-balanced sleeping posture and helps experiences a rollover (smooth)
  • Dimension- 183x92x12.7cm (LxWxH)
  • Certification- National Health Academy has certified the mattress
  • Colours- Attractive colours available

Mattresses for back pain final words

A work schedule can turn to a nightmare if one sleeps with chronic pain. However, with the right mattress, one would not just get a good night’s sleep but also the right support. One should therefore lookout for the material used within the mattress, the foam quality, the support and also the insulation.

In case of any question, one can even connect with the experts of brands, who will provide much more information in this regard.