A quality mattress, it provides good sleep and also helps reduce the level of stress and anxiety, providing the body and the mind a lot of benefits that in turn helps to improve the quality of life. Sleep and sleeping surface both are equally important. In order to save one’s back from any concern, one must use a mattress that can offer a perfect sleeping surface, which in turn would help obtain a good posture while sleeping.

Well, it is during sleep when our ligaments and muscles get proper relaxation and healing. Having a better sleeping surface thus ensures to let the spine’s natural curve to remain secured while trying to keep hips, ears, and shoulders aligned when one turns during sleep. Therefore, a good mattress is required to have a good sleep and to keep a balance between support and comfort while having proper spinal alignment.

Based on the sleeping preference and body type of an individual, the sleeping surface is meant to provide proper comfort and support. So, instead of relying on word of mouth, look out for peace of spine and then make a choice as not all bodies have the same requirements and ones’ choice; it does affect the quality of sleep and the body posture too.


Mattresses- Which one to buy?

Even though the innerspring mattresses in India are the most commonly sold type, but with the change of trend, people are now choosing memory foam and other materials, like coir or PU foam and alike.

But if the question is, which mattress is the best buy, well, the answer is clear, and the term good mattress is quite subjective. Remember, the one that feels right is the one to purchase, and taking a test of 20-minutes sleep with the mattress would be helpful to know the right fit as per the body’s requirement.


Retailers View

Sleeping surface affects sleep hugely, and most people are aware of the type of mattress to buy as they enter the store. But for the exception list, which doesn’t give much importance to sleep or have any specific preference, it is the retailers who help by providing proper explanation over the sleep significance over the healthy lifestyle and which mattress would be an ideal choice. Well, herein these cases, the mouth of words does serve well.

Retailers also say that sleep and the surface of sleeping, they go parallel, and it is a proper sleep that helps one deal along with the daily challenges by energizing us. So, 7 to 9hrs of sleep, it is quite essential, and it differs as per the age group.

A mattress, it should provide support and comfort for quality sleep, and in past years, a lot of transformation occurred with people getting evolved and much aware of sleeping requirements and patterns. Instead of just money acting as a parameter, now the bedding accessories, mattresses quality, and type, all of it matter for the consumers, and as per Google Analytics, most of the number of consumers are aware of the size and mattress type, they need for home, and if not, they give a call to understand better.


Customers View

Comfortable bedding is required for a good night’s sleep. Customers have even said that they do look out for beds, and for the ones who travel, they look out for mattresses that can provide better comfort to the back after the daily routine or a hectic day.

Remember, like sleep is important, mattresses do play a big role in the better health of all, and with advancement, a wide spectrum of customizable products are available in the market today. But before buying one, it is important for one to know their body type and some personal preference with the sleeping surfaces, like firmness, size and alike. Even for a certain type of mattress, one must not start its usage unless otherwise, they have a recommendation based on the special condition, and they must ensure to make a choice for the personalized mattress as per the comfort and support desired.

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